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Oil and oil filter change

The timely change of car oil and oil filters is a must for keeping your engine running as good as possible. At Audi World you can change the oil, oil filters, air filters and the engine filter with the highest quality available on the market.

We offer all the established brands of car oils. The change of oil + filters is 100 lv (supplies and materials excluded)

The air and engine filters should be changed every couple of years or at every 30,000 km, whichever comes first. Price for work: 100 lv

Servicing the undercarriage

Servicing undercarriage, suspension, axles, etc.

Repairs of the undercarriage start at 50 lv/h (supplies and materials excluded)

Professional computer diagnostics

Car diagnostics should only be performed by a licensed person and software to prevent malfunctions and fatal errors due to malicious and malfunctioning cheaper software programs. 

At Audi World you will discover the best there is on the market and we will run the diagnostics on your car. 

Initial - 175 lv

Cleaning up errors and reset - 25 lv

Other services and repairs

We perform all the services and repairs, as well as specialized ones for Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen

50 lv/h (supplies and materials excluded)

1 year guarantee of engine repairs